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Accident Solicitors - No Win No Fee Injury Compensation Claims

Umbrella Claims deals with accident compensation claims on a No Win No Fee* basis. Our personal injury solicitors help you to recover financial losses suffered as a result of an incident caused by someone else's negligence. Our lawyers are members of the Solicitors Regulation Authority panel of personal injury experts. Our accident solicitors operate the no win no fee scheme otherwise known as a conditional fee agreement. No legal charge is payable unless the legal case is won and the client obtains an award of compensation. In the event that the legal claim is lost there is no charge made to the client.

The circumstances that may give rise to an accident solicitor taking legal action for injury compensation include :-

    Accidents at Work

    There are strict laws regarding employment that your employer must adhere to. This includes the safety of your work place and in particular, machinery which may be dangerous.

    Road Accidents

    If you have been involved in an accident as a driver, a passenger or passer-by, and have suffered injuries you may be able to make an accident injury claim for compensation.

    Accidents in Public Places

    If you are injured as a result of a defect on property that is visited by the general public then you may be able to claim accident injury compensation.

    Accidents on Private Property

    Most home owners and tenants have a home insurance policy which covers for injuries to persons that occur within that home, including injuries caused by their pets.

Accident Compensation Awards

General Damages in this context represents compensation for items that are difficult to calculate accurately and need a degree of assessment either by personal injury solicitors or by a judge. The two principal items in this category relevant to accident compensation claims are "pain and suffering" and "loss of amenity" which is a sum paid for the loss of enjoyment of doing everyday activities that are no longer possible as a consequence of any ongoing disability caused by the injury.

Special Damages represents compensation for items that can be calculated accurately and includes both past and future elements for loss of earnings, loss of pension rights, damage to personal property including replacement or repairs to motor vehicles, car hire, the cost of care, medical expenses, special accommodation or the cost of changes to existing accommodation, legal charges and all other reasonably incurred general expenses.

The amount of financial compensation awarded in personal injury compensation claims is determined by a judge if the matter goes to trial. Damages can include the following items :-

  • pain and suffering including psychological injury
  • loss of amenities of life
  • medical expenses for the past and for the future
  • prescriptions
  • loss of past income
  • loss of future income
  • gratuitous assistance
  • assistance for the future
  • reduced employment prospects in the future
  • expenses in relation to the claim
  • loss of pension
  • claim for dependants

No Win No Fee Compensation

Our accident solicitors deal with no win no fee claims if the person who caused the injury is insured or has assets sufficient to cover any judgement.

In the case of a negligent uninsured driver of a motor vehicle we can enter into an arrangement on similar no win no fee terms and make a claim for accident compensation to the Motor Insurers Bureau. In this case only some of the legal costs are paid by the MIB.

*If a negligent driver involved in a 'hit and run' accident has not been identified then all legal costs are deducted from any sums awarded by the Motor Insurers Bureau who do not make an award for legal costs in these circumstances.

We also deal with Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) claims on a no win no fee basis and in these cases legal costs are deducted from any sums awarded by the CICA who will make an award for compensation for personal injury however they do not make any award for legal costs.

Accident Solicitors

Our accident solicitors have been helping people make injury compensation claims for many years as a result of which our procedures are extremely efficient. Just complete and send the form or e-mail our offices or telephone us on our solicitors helpline and you will speak to an expert lawyer all of whom have a great track record in securing compensation in a quick and easy fashion. Hate filling out forms. No problem at all. Just telephone us and we will process the claim for you over the phone without any delay.

Solicitors in England and Wales are the best independent legal advisers and provide a professional service with unique and effective consumer protection including:

  • Compulsory negligence insurance. Solicitors must have professional insurance, which covers cases where solicitors are negligent. Solicitors must also contribute to the Compensation Fund which ensures that if a solicitor is dishonest the public will not suffer financially.
  • Independent complaints handling procedures
  • Independence integrity and confidentiality guaranteed by professional rules
  • Comprehensive provision of specialised legal services throughout the United Kingdom Accredited expertise from members of specialist panels
  • Highly computerised offices enabling accident claims online facilities

Solicitors are governed by Professional Practice Rules and other regulations, and codes of practice which are published in a "Guide to the Professional Conduct of Solicitors", and these include:

  • A solicitor must always act in their client's interest except when it conflicts with a solicitor's duty to uphold justice as an "Officer of the Supreme Court"
  • A solicitor must not act if there is a conflict of interests with another client
  • Client details must be kept confidential
  • Clients' money must be kept in a separate account.
  • Solicitors must fully account to clients about interest due and commission paid on money held for them by the solicitor
  • A solicitor must honour undertakings even if they are not legally enforceable
  • Solicitors may not practice alone until they have been qualified for three years

*In the case of CICA claims terms will vary and in the case of MIB claims terms may vary.

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